Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life in La Paz while reading the boat for the next leg

From left Augustine, Abarora Elder, me Lenke the Sodidadore/Welder and Jesus Yard Worker On Sat.afternoons we amigos had a taste of Aguave

Father and Son laying in the new blue tile on Galley Counters

Kim taking my ease on friend Crit's boat. Crit came down on Jazdip on the 2010 Baja Ha Ha She is a good buddy.

I installed a cover over the inflatable floor to protect. Got a Mayday call from a boat just upwind of me an hour before daylight. Someones derelict ferro cement mast less boat had broke loose from its mooring and had slammed into "Banjo Jane" and entangled in their anchor chain. This twenty ton monster was breaking handrail stanchions and cracking the caprail in the 20 knot winds with 3-4' seas. I got up and put some warm cloths,lifejacket and portable VHF radio on and went out to see what I could do. In les than 20 minutes there were myself and 5 other skiffs helping. We finally got the derelict on a towline and a couple boats pushing away from the rest of the anchored boats. This kind of thing happens more frequent than you might think. Somebody with a dream, little money, buys an old ferro cement boat for little or nothing manages to get here somehow and realize that the hole in the water to throw your money in was going to cost more than they ever imagined. So they put it on a mooring with a old engine for an anchor and some old line and head back to the States to earn money and gradually forget their dream and eventually this morning happens. That was the 5th time I have been around for it in La Paz. I have to say it did get some adrenalin going and I got to use some of the skills learned in the towing industry abiet a much smaller scale.


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