Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Play in The Bay of LA.

Flying thru the EstuaryAdd caption

Cocktail hour on FireflyAdd caption

Ted and Brendadd caption

SushiAdd caption

Looking for the chennel the fast wayAdd caption
Philiosophy has been in the Bay of La for three weeks now. I am learning how to snorkle as a prelude to diving. My friends Ted and Brenda on "Firefly" are experienced divers and when I am ready will teach me when I have properly prepared myself with the books and other diving knowledge. In the meantime Ted caught a couple Sierra which we promptly made into sushi. We will be heading out to the Islands near here tomorrow for fishing, snorkling and diving.
The weather has been in the mid 90's with a nice cooling wind.
The provisioning is good tho expensive by Mexican standards and there is Wi Fi available in the Motels which you can use if you have a meal and there is a pool. We like Villa Vitto as we can land our dingy's on the beach near by.. Life es muy tranquillo.

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