Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On The Long Slow Hard in Mexico

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Boy did she ever need new bottom paint

Kim learning to laminate and fibreglass and fit

Believe it or not that is a Gori folding prop. There is a lot of life in the Sea of Cortez. The most concentrated salinity in any open Sea in the world. Some of the teaming life is growing here

Here is where the Capt is mighty nervous. That boat ain't supposed to fly 

                                              Here is the Fairing Block formed by me and now there will be a bunch of laminating and fibreglass overlay. I am learning tons
Yes I know that title could be a line in a certain type of movie. Just a chuckle from a man who has never been known to be especially patient. I have been up in the air as it were for three and a half weeks with no real end in sight. Best guess two more. This job would have been done in oh say maybe 10 days in the States. Then again it would have cost a lot more.That said this family owned and operated shipyard lets me get my hands in the middle of the project,works with me and even lets me use their tools for some of my own projects. Way cool I say.I keep my trusty steed/bicycle locked up close by and may I just say this is one fine flat city for biking. I have put over 700 miles on it since I got it here in Dec. There is a huge abundance of really great live Rock and Roll here. There is a great music department at one of the local colleges that specializes in late 60's and 70's rock. These kids play perfect renditions of all those bands right down to Janice Joplins screaming in key.Its really something. I am going dancing at my favorite Palapa Bar La Costa tonight. Music starts at 7.Yes they even accommodate old fogies that like to be in bed early The band specializes in Southern Rock. Just right for shaking a leg. Life is good......Kim

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